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Welcome to

Roy F. Johnson Co.

Founded in 1953, Roy F. Johnson Co. is a sales and service organization specializing in sizing and selecting pumping equipment, controls, valves, and lift stations in the Commercial, Municipal, and Industrial Plumbing and HVAC markets. We take pride in our over 70 years of exceptional customer service and project design support, representing top-rated manufacturing and fabrication in the Midwest.

Domestic Water Booster Pump Systems Rainwater Harvesting VFD Controls, Stainless-steel skids; OilSmart Elevator pump controls High-Level Alarms Custom pump controls Wireless Monitoring Portal Wastewater pumps Cast Iron or Cast 316 Stainless-Steel Solid waste, Groundwater, Effluent, Condensate Grinders, Vortex, Sewage Ejectors, Sumps Rail mount, Packaged lift station Fiberglass basins, Lift stations, Triple garage basins Valve boxes, Custom Fiberglass Solutions High-temperature resins, H-20 vehicle load rating Packaged pump systems

We can help you with QuantumFlo and Weil Intelligent Pump System Designs. Design softwares might require set up by manufacture representatives.

We are always here to help you with your request and needs. You can contact us by phone, email, or visit us at our Lenexa office.

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